Aren't we all

by Roger McGough

Looks quite pretty lying there,
can't be asleep yet
Wonder what she's thinking about?
Penny for her thoughts.
probably not worth it
There's the moon trying to look romantic
Moon's too old that's her trouble
Aren't we all

Lace curtains gently swaying,
Like a woman walking
A woman in a negilgee
Walking out through the window
Over the sleeping city up into the sky
To give the moon a rest
Moon's too tired that's her trouble
Aren't we all

Wasn't a bad party really,
Except for the people
People always spoil things,
Room's in a mess
And this one's left her clothes all over the place
Scattered like seeds
In too much of a hurry that's her trouble
Aren't we all?

Think she's asleep now
It makes you sleep
Better than Horlicks
Not so pretty really when you get close up
Wonder what her name is
Now she's taken all the blankets
Too selfish that's her trouble
Aren't we all.