Courtesy of Maria

finished coca


peppers (preferably Mallorquin) chopped
tomatoes, chopped
A large onion, in Mallorca they use a white one, but a red one would probably be the best english equivalent,chopped.
olive oil
small can or bottle of beer
salt and pepper
your chosen toppings


I asked Maria how much of the vegetables you needed and her answer was "As many as you need"
first chop the tomatoes and make them as flat as possible
then do the same with the peppers
then do the same with the onion.
mix them together wiht a slurp of olive oil, salt and pepper, and put them in the fridge till you have done the base.
this forms the trampo, and if you want to add tuna to your coca this is a good time to do it,
you can add the olive oil from your tuna as well

Now to make the base

pour the beer into a large mixing bowl
fill the can or bottle with olive oil and add that
wiht this result


You then add flour a lttle at a time,
again Maria gave no amount, but we used just over 1kg
you also need to add 3 teaspoons of salt
work the flour in until it achieves the consistency of chewing gum


divide the dough into 2,
(the quantities here will make 2 cocas)
put half into a an oiled food bag and seal it an put it in the fridge
and then flatten the dough onto a baking sheet, baking tray
pressing it down and working to the edges,
take off any excess, because you do not want the base to be too thick
You then put the trampo on top adding some of the juice

ready for the oven

cook until ready
Maria tells me that it is ready when the edges are brown
Beatriz cooked it for one and a half hours at 320 degrees, finishing off at 120 if necessary
It is delicious hot or cold, you can do it as a vegetarian dish, or use tuna in the trampo,

or add various meats on top, Chorizo is the one that comes to mind